Roxville Advisors - an IT Expert when you need one

Who do you talk to when you are trying to make a decision regarding your IT? Does your staff have the background and experience to provide answers regarding technology and its impact on your business? Can you rely on your IT provider to be unbiased in their advice? 

One of our  Advisors can help you look at the bigger picture and help you assess more than just the technology. In any solution, you need to examine the impacts on your people and your processes.  

And sometimes, all you need is a second opinion …

Our Advisors can help you with:

Understanding your business’ strategic drivers

  • Outline your business needs and wants
  • Understand your business processes
  • Bring IT and business into alignment

Evaluating your current IT environment

  • Review your existing infrastructure
  • Provide an inventory of existing computing assets
  • Create a network diagram

Identifying gaps, risks and opportunities

  • Conduct individual interviews and questionnaires
  • Enumerate the known risks/gaps
  • Identify areas where your existing systems fall short

Defining the future state of your IT

  • Prepare a prioritized checklist of the steps to be taken
  • Provide guidance with respect to IT investment priorities

Defining metrics for success

  • Identify key metrics and KPIs
  • Benchmark and analyze the performance of your IT strategy over time
  • Make sure your plan is functional and cost-effective.​