CyberSecurity Bounty Hunter

Roxville’s innovative CyberSecurity Bounty Hunter program is a low risk way for Business Owners to make sure that the IT controls are in place to protect their business from CyberCriminals. Our Advisor will sit with you and your staff and explore over 170 potential security gaps. When a gap is found, the Advisor will explain what was found, why it is important, and the steps that should be taken to ensure the control is properly in place. 

Our program is designed to help you better understand, manage, and reduce your CyberSecurity risks. It will assist in determining which activities are most important to assure critical operations and service delivery. In turn, that will help to prioritize investments and maximize the impact of each dollar spent on CyberSecurity. 

What makes our program low risk is that we work with you at a pace that will allow you to stay within your budget. We start with the most important controls and stop as soon as we are in danger of going over the budget that was established.

Our approach is based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s CyberSecurity Framework.