Human Firewall Training

Human Firewall Training


While most companies invest in IT security infrastructure, many of them forget about the biggest security gap: Employees. They are trained to perform their jobs using technology, but lack knowledge on how to protect the company from cyber criminals. Human error is one of the biggest challenges to overcome, but with Roxville’s human firewall training, your staff will learn basic notions such as:

  • How to identify a hacker’s emails
  • What to do when hackers call them
  • How to know which software apps are safe


  • 12 month training curriculum:
            o Videos
            o Assessments
            o E-mails
            o Posters
  • Simulated phishing e-mails to give employees an opportunity to practice and hone their new skills
  • Reports on completion, assessment scores, simulated phishing results

Our Human Firewall Training entails:

 A key for creating a human firewall is to make your employees care about cybersecurity, helping them understand why the topic matters. By creating awareness, employees will become more receptive to the learning activities that follow.

To ensure better results, an effective awareness campaign includes up-to-date , research-based information. By understanding complex technology, our team will explain it simply to ensure the best learning outcomes.

To assess the effectiveness of the campaign, it’s important to test employees’ awareness and knowledge gained from the cybersecurity training they have received.