Security Assessment

Security Assessment


We have identified security controls that, when fully implemented, will significantly enhance your security.  One of our cybersecurity experts will meet with your senior management and assess your company’s security posture.  We will provide you with an easy to understand report on our findings. We will then develop and implement the changes to people (training), processes, and technology that will improve your results.



According to PWC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2018, 46% of Canadian respondents have experienced cybercrime. Although small organizations usually have a moderate amount of data, they are still appealing to hackers since they often have weak defenses. Cybercrime’s most obvious impact is the direct costs due to the interruption of the ability to conduct business. 

Small and Medium size businesses are more at risk than ever. Here are some facts you need to consider:

  • Small businesses have more assets to target than individual consumers but less security than larger organizations.
  • Hackers know small companies are less careful about security since managers underestimate their risk level.
  • Small companies are easy to attack due to a lack of investment in cybersecurity measures.
  • Small businesses are key for attackers  who are trying to gain access to larger companies that the SMB works with.
  • Hackers are attracted by small businesses’ overwhelming reliance on outdated solutions and false sense of security.
  • Your business data is an asset that can take many forms: customer databases, your financial details, etc.