Fractional CIO (Chief information officer)

Fractional CIO (Chief information officer)


We understand that small and mid-sized businesses don’t have the resources to dedicate to the oversight of their IT providers.  A Fractional CIO is a cost-effective alternative to hiring an executive, allowing you to prioritize technology planning and get the best results at a reasonable price.  At Roxville we help you formulate strategic IT goals, plan the right IT budget, and analyze and rework your business processes to facilitate technology changes.  

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  • Alignment of IT with strategy
  • Performance assessment
  • Security
  • Risk identification
  • Developing recommendations and associated budgets

Through our Fractional CIO service, we will help you access and operate the innovative business technologies available in the market.  We will provide:

  • A technology Roadmap
  • Security and Disaster Planning 
  • IT maintenance, monitoring and management
  • 24/7 Specialized IT expertise

Roxville's steps for successful IT oversight

Understanding your business’ strategic drivers

  • Outlining your business needs and wants.​
  • Understanding your business processes.
  • Bringing IT and business into alignment.

Evaluating your current IT environment

  • Reviewing your existing infrastructure.
  • Providing an inventory of existing computing assets.
  • Creating a network diagram.

Identifying gaps, risks and opportunities

  • Conducting individual interviews and questionnaires
  • Enumerating the known risks/gaps.
  • Identifying areas where your existing systems fall short

Defining the future IT state of your business

  • Preparing a prioritized checklist of the steps to be taken.
  • Providing guidance with respect to IT investment priorities

Defining metrics for success

  • Identifying key metrics and KPIs to benchmark and analyze the performance of your IT strategy over time, making sure your plan is functional and cost-effective.​​