CyberSecurity Training - Creating the Human Firewall

While most companies invest in IT security infrastructure, many of them forget about the biggest security gap: Employees. Staff are trained to perform their jobs using technology, but lack knowledge on how to protect the company from CyberCriminals. Human error is one of the biggest challenges to overcome, but with Roxville’s CyberSecurity training (we refer to it as creating a Human Firewall), your staff will learn basic notions such as:

  • How to identify a hacker’s emails
  • How to recognize suspicious links
  • Avoiding opening malicious attachments
  • How to protect sensitive information
  • The proper use of passwords

Unfortunately, too many firms run once a year sessions and take roll call so they can “check the box” that their employees have received CyberSecurity training. However, the topic is too important to allow it to go into cold storage. Ongoing training can make the difference between being safe and being compromised. Remember, all it takes is one wrong click and your firm could be down for days or CyberCriminals could get access to your financial accounts and other sensitive information.

Our CyberSecuity Training program includes:

  • a 12 month training curriculum:
      o Videos
      o Assessments
      o E-mails
      o Posters
  • Simulated phishing e-mails to give employees an opportunity to practice and hone their new skills
  • Reports on completion, assessment scores, simulated phishing results

Watch this Video: